It has been said that I am unlike any other speaker on the speaking circuit because I actually coach as I speak. I enjoy combining wit, wisdom, energy and encouragement as the catalyst to inspire audiences to revive the person within. My dynamic presentations are custom made for each audience and, whenever possible, I move through the audience and personally connect with individuals. I share my own life experiences to uplift my audience with a motivating power that awaken all who hear me.

I have over 30 years of speaking experience and a deep rooted passion for helping people find their unique gift. Through my thoughts and my words, I coach my audiences to define their passion, claim their purpose and take charge of their lives.

I connect with people - showing them how to create a new reality for themselves. My zest for making a difference in people’s lives is real! I inspire, empower and spiritually uplift anyone that is within the sound of my voice.

This is my gift to you….


SPIRIT JOURNEYS radio is a live broadcast, hosted by Rita, every Tuesday night at 8:00pm EST. The show features a monthly theme in order to intentionally guide listeners towards experiencing a more purposeful journey. Rita regularly spends the hour coaching solo and other times she invites guests to share their tools and knowledge around the particular theme. The number to call in and comment is 646-652-2512. Join us! For archived shows, visit Rita’s YouTube channel by clicking the YouTube icon at the top of this page.